Citadines Connect business enterprise resorts to grow short-stay

CapitaLand’s wholly owned lodging business device, The Ascott Minimal (Ascott), has launched Citadines Join, a line of enterprise inns with selected expert services, to widen its short-stay offerings because it proceeds to develop its portfolio. A sub-brand of Ascott’s well-established Citadines serviced residence manufacturer, Citadines Link organization resorts cater to repeated travellers who are continuously linked, giving a classy dwelling knowledge in lively city locations.

Citadines Connect enterprise motels will have tech-enabled characteristics these as mobile keys, self check-in kiosks, good washing devices or laundromats, written content streaming-enabled televisions, and Google cloud printers. Company can benefit from the usefulness of ‘Grab & Go’ counters presenting food and beverage options and daily necessities, common pantry areas, meeting pods, as very well as 24/7 gymnasiums. They can also relax at the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ spaces that come with private napping pods with USB charging points, lockers and shower rooms. The resorts offer mostly studio rooms ranging from 18 to 21 square metres.

You can use the hotels as a getaway holiday stay, or they could be one of your business hotel hong kong.

Mr Alfred Ong, Ascott’s Head for Global Operations, said: “Citadines is Ascott’s fastest growing model. It has a strong reputation amongst travellers who take pleasure in the flexibility to choose the products and services according to their lifestyles. Riding on the worldwide popularity of the Citadines brand name which focuses on the extended-stay market, we are introducing the Citadines Link sub-brand to capture the short-stay segment. The Citadines Hook up manufacturer, which offers contemporary and tech-enabled hotel accommodation in well-connected locations, cater to highly mobile business enterprise travellers who appreciate usefulness, fuss-free expert services, online connectivity and recreational experiences.”

“We see strong potential for the short-stay segment and hotel rates are rising given the rapid growth in global mobility, bleisure travel and a flourishing gig economy. More and more skilled professionals are taking on short-term, freelancing and ad-hoc work assignments which require them to travel frequently. We will leverage Ascott’s international network and strong management capabilities to bring the Citadines Link brand name to key gateway cities such as Hong Kong, paris, Seoul and Tokyo as well as popular places in Southeast Asia where there is high demand for quality, short-term accommodation.”

Mr Ong added: “By extending our range of product choices with Citadines Link, we can scale up our lodging enterprise at a faster rate and further sharpen our expertise in managing hotel assets. Our small business partners and attendees alike can choose from a wide variety of lodging products that can best cater to their small business models, travel patterns, and accommodation needs.”

The two properties to debut under the Citadines Hook up brand name are in highly attractive locations in the top cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and New York. Ascott is also looking to rebrand its properties these kinds of as Temple Bar Hotel Dublin in Ireland and The Domain Hotel Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley, California to Citadines Link.

Citadines Connect Sydney Airport

The 150-unit prime freehold company hotel is currently operating as Felix Hotel and will be rebranded as Citadines Join Sydney Airport in May 2019. Located in Mascot within the metropolis of Botany Bay, it is within walking distance to the Mascot railway station and Sydney Airport – Australia’s busiest airport which caters to around 44.four million passengers in 2018 and is forecast to receive around 60.7 million passengers by 2033. The organization parks of Alexandria, Botany, Mascot and Waterloo, The Lakes and The Australian golf clubs as very well as the Westfield Eastgardens Shopping Centre are all nearby. Sydney’s Central Company District is within a 15-minute drive or ride by train. The precinct is further earmarked for development to accommodate future population and employment growth capitalising on its accessibility to public transport.

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Citadines Link Fifth Avenue New York

Citadines Join Fifth Avenue New York is centrally located in the heart of Manhattan. Attracting a good mix of both corporate and leisure travellers, the property with 125 rooms is performing very well with an average occupancy rate of more than 95%. Citadines Join Fifth Avenue New York is steps away from Times Square, Fifth Avenue, the Theatre District and Rockefeller Center. It is also a brief walk from key attractions these kinds of as the Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art and Grand Central Station.

Since Ascott acquired the Citadines Apart’hotel serviced residence chain in 2004, it has expanded the Citadines portfolio by about five times from 5,100 apartment units in 18 European cities to about 25,000 units in over 140 properties and 86 cities across Asia pacific, Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East. Last year, Ascott invested in TAUZIA Hotel Management, one of Indonesia’s top five hotel operators, to capitalise on opportunities in the growing middle-class hotel segment.


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