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Bind your domains

You can bind your own domain to your blog for free. So you can keep constant URLs for your articles.

Mobile Apps

As BLOG.CD is built on Wordpress, many mobile apps can be found to edit your blog on the fly.

Sync with evernote

After setting up your blog, you publish an article in your evernote by adding a tag: publish.

Premium themes

You can customize your blog easily with pre-installed premium Wordpress themes.

A blogging platform rethinked

Our goal is to allow users easily publish their ideas. With Markdown, you can express your ideas in a elegant way. You can easily create diagram, insert code and more.

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Totally Free

As the service is still in beta, we don't require any price. But even after that, we will take efforts to make it always free.

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We have more than 8,000 blogs hosted now.